Tom Hanks' Sister Says Star Is 'Not Good, But Still OK' Amid Coronavirus Diagnosis

Tom Hanks' sister Sandra Hanks Benoiton has opened up about her brother's diagnosis as she remains in quarantine in Italy.

Speaking to the Daily Mail on Friday, Sandra told reporters that she had spoken to the Forrest Gump star since he had been released from hospital alongside wife Rita Wilson.



Tom Hanks Gives Update On His Health And More Importantly His Vegemite Spreading

Tom Hanks has been making headlines as one of the most high-profile cases to test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

"I have communicated with my brother. He's not great, but still OK," Sandra said.

Asked if she was shocked by his diagnosis, she said, "No. He's an actor, not a God [but] medical care in Australia is good."



'Lost' Star Daniel Dae Kim Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin on 'Lost' for six seasons, has revealed in an Instagram video he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Hanks has kept fans updated on his and Rita's condition since the diagnosis, regularly posting images to Instagram, with the latest being a typewriter emblazoned with the word "Corona".

Hanks explained to fans that after one week since being tested, he has "no fever but the blahs".

He also joked that he's "learned not to spread my Vegemite so thick", referencing the jabs he received over his liberal use of Vegemite on his toast in a previous post.

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