Tom Hanks' Photo Of Vegemite Proves He's Now A True Australian Hero

Igniting one of the internet's favourite debates, Tom Hanks has unwittingly become an unofficial Australian citizen.

Last week Tom and his wife Rita Wilson were both diagnosed with COVID-19, being immediately put into quarantine.

Sharing their journey on social media, on Sunday night Hanks posted his thanks "to the helpers" with a mini flag, kangaroo and koala toys and some Vegemite on toast.

Well, there's probably toast under a thick lather of Vegemite.



'One Day At A Time': Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Doing Well Despite Coronavirus Diagnosis

Tom Hanks has provided an update on his health following the announcement that he and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus.

While he's battling the coronavirus, Tom Hanks is also chowing down on what looks like a full slather of Vegemite on some butter-less toast.

Despite having the full support of the country -- if not the whole world -- following his COVID-19 diagnosis, Tom's heavy-handed Vegemite spreading divided Aussies, with some traitors to the nation suggestion it was too thick, too heavy and potentially deadly.



People Think The Simpsons Predicted Coronavirus And Tom Hanks' Self-Isolation

The long-running series is known for its eerie ability to predict the future, and now fans are saying The Simpsons Movie predicted actor Tom Hanks would be diagnosed with COVID-19.

Not everyone was shocked by Tom's truly heroic taste when it comes to a mouthful of thick, yeast spreads with Osher Günsberg even weighing in on how proud he was of the "Castaway" star.

Here's hoping to a speedy recovery where Tom Hanks will no doubt be awarded Australian Of The Year.

Feature image: Getty Images.