Quarantunes: How Celebrities Are Trying To Ease Fans' Coronavirus Anxieties

Actors, comedians and musicians around the world are putting their talents to good use amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

While plenty of high-profile celebs have been using their platforms to spread awareness about effective hand-washing techniques or travel advice, stars have also been putting in some extra effort to provide some much-needed levity.

Whether it's performing calming songs, creating playlists suitable for long periods of isolation or simply jumping up and down in cowboy costumes, celebrities are finding a way to ~symbolically~ hold their fans' hands during a time of uncertainty.


The rapper, singer and flautist dedicated 30 minutes to her 8.4 million Instagram followers, performing a "meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis".

Surrounded by plenty of crystals and what looks like some burning sage or incense, Lizzo performs an acoustic version of "Cuz I Love You" as well as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" before having an incredibly frank discussion about feelings of being overwhelmed by the pandemic and then leading a gorgeous meditation session.



Katy Perry Joins 'MasterChef Back To Win' As A Guest Judge

Since Season 1, Katy Perry has been an iconic fixture of the MasterChef kitchen.

Rita Wilson

Rita and her husband Tom Hanks have a bit of time on their hands as they recover from coronavirus in a Queensland hospital.

The "Heart Unknown" singer decided to put together a 'quarantunes' playlist (a title suggested by her fans on Twitter) on Spotify designed to soothe the souls of anyone self-isolating at the moment, with tracks from Carole King, America and, of course, Rita Wilson.

Luke Toki

The Australian Survivor star and King of The Jungle has always been a fan of throwing up a few multi-purpose shakas, but has now pointed out that they're also a much more hygienic greeting than a handshake or a high five.

Yo-Yo Ma

The world's most renowned cellist has performed an uplifting rendition of  Dvořák's "Going Home" as a way of sharing "some of the music that gives me comfort" in times of anxiety.

Ma announced that the clip would be the first in a series entitled #SongsOfComfort.



Vivid Festival Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns

Sydney's iconic Vivid festival has been cancelled, after the federal government called for the canning of large events over coronavirus concerns.


Diplo has produced tracks for singers including M.I.A., Drake, and Beyoncé -- as well as his own records -- and now he's produced the first Corona Sabbath mix as DJs around the world find themselves under lockdown.

"While we’re all in self-imposed quarantine and I’m grounded from playing shows I am going to get creative and make up random sets and shows live from my house," he wrote on Instagram.

You can find the full mix over on YouTube.



Mariah Carey And Her Kids Encourage Washing Your Hands In 'Fantasy' Sing-A-Long

The pop superstar and her eight-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, filmed the fun video encouraging personal hygiene for Tik Tok.

Jack Black 

Sure, the actor and comedian doesn't specifically mention coronavirus (and this is actually a teaser for Red Dead Redemption 2)  but it's still a wonderfully mesmerising distraction from the chaos.

Main Image: Instagram.