Willow Smith Is Locking Herself In A Box For 24 Hours

Willow Smith has spoken out about suffering anxiety, and now the 19-year-old is taking an unconventional approach to exploring it -- locking herself in a glass box for 24 hours.

Joined by her rumoured boyfriend, musician Tyler Cole, Willow will be creating a performance piece at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles, where the pair will "visually enact the eight stages of anxiety," according to PEOPLE.

According to Willow, she and Tyler will cycle through various emotions, including paranoia, rage, sadness, numbness, euphoria, strong interest, compassion and acceptance, and hold that emotion for three hours at a time -- all without speaking a word.

“We might grunt or scream — it’s going to be very primal,” WIllow told the LA Times about the unconventional performance piece.



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While they will remain in the space for 24 hours, performers will reportedly be allowed breaks for sleeping and eating as well as bathroom trips -- though they must be under two minutes.

While it may be a bizarre concept, Willow is adamant it's for good cause.

"This is not so that people are like, ‘Oooh!’ This is for awareness,” she said.



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“The first thing we’re going to be writing on our title wall is something along the lines of: ‘The acceptance of one’s fears is the first step toward understanding.’ So then you know this is on something real,” she added.

Viewers will apparently be able to watch the pair for 15 minutes at a time and can continue to watch in a room featuring a live stream, where there will be several self-help books and donation stations for mental health organisations.

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