Katy Perry's Heartbreak As Grandma Dies Just Days After Announcing Pregnancy

Katy Perry has revealed her sadness following the loss of her grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson, after she passed away aged 99.

Following her performance at the ICC Women's T20 Cricket World Cup Final, Katy broke the sad news about the loss of her grandma over Twitter. She had announced she was expecting first child with actor fiancé Orlando Bloom, 43, just days earlier.

Dedicating the song to her grandma, she posted a link to the choral version of "Deep Peace" by Bill Douglas, adding "may she rest in deep peace".



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Katy later posted a second, more lengthy tribute to Ann over social media, beginning the heartfelt message with:

"I don’t know when a soul enters a new vehicle but if there is an afterlife where there’s a waiting room of the coming and going my mind wonders if the soul that is waiting to come into my world is getting a kiss on the forehead from my sweet Grandma that departed this earth yesterday. My heart hopes so."

She also credited Ann with helping her become who she is today, saying:

“A lot of what I am is because of my father… and he is because of her. She started it all, as she used to remind us and I’m so grateful she did,” she wrote. “Family… is there to show us what love can be… sometimes that journey of finding the love is tough to get to AND through but if you can open your heart and let the light lead the way you will find that incomparable love.”

Among sweet snapshots of her grandmother -- including fiance Orlando Bloom kissing Ann on the cheek -- Katy also shared a sweet video black and white video of herself telling Ann that she was expecting a baby.

“Grandma, it’s Katy,” she says in the clip while sitting beside her grandmother’s hospital bed. “I just wanted to tell you, I know you’re not feeling well, but I wanted to share some exciting news with you.”

“I’m going to tell you that I’m going to have a baby. I’m pregnant, Grandma,” she continued. “Katy is finally pregnant, she’s the last one, but I have a baby inside me and I wanted to tell that to you.”



All The Subtle (And Totally Obvious) Tricks Katy Perry Used To Hide Her Baby Bump

Last week, pop sensation Katy Perry revealed that she has been concealing her pregnancy for months.

The "Swish Swish" singer announced her pregnancy last week, after setting off the rumour mill when she showed off her baby bump in her new music video "Never Worn White".

Confirming the whispers following the release, she tweeted: "omg so glad I don't have to suck it in anymore, or carry around a big purse lol."

Less than an hour later in an Instagram Live video, she delighted fans by exposing her growing bump.

She later surprised fans while performing at the Women’s Cricket World Cup Final in Melbourne on Sunday, where she announced mid-song, “I hope it’s a girl!"

Image: Instagram