Fans Divided Over Katy Perry's T20 IWD Performance

Katy Perry has performed in front of a packed house during the ICC Women's T20 World Cup Final -- but viewers have had mixed responses.

Perry -- who is six months pregnant -- belted out her hits 'Roar' and 'Firework' at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) for the final between Australia and India, with the match coinciding with International Women's Day.

The singer has been praised by fans and newcomers on social media for the strength of her vocal performance and speedy costume change in front of the record-breaking 80,000-strong crowd.



Aussie Women's Cricket Team Join Katy Perry On Stage To Show Off Some Hilarious Post-Win Dance Moves

Let's just say they play cricket better than they dance -- and we're more than okay with that.

Perry's performance included a troupe of pink and purple dancing cricket bats who stormed the MCG along with young women holding 'GRL PWR' signs -- which some have labelled as a backward step for women.



Australia Wins T20 World Cup In Front Of History-Making Crowd

Australia have claimed their fifth women's Twenty20 World Cup, defeating India by 85 runs in front of 86,174 spectators at the MCG.



All The Subtle (And Totally Obvious) Tricks Katy Perry Used To Hide Her Baby Bump

Last week, pop sensation Katy Perry revealed that she has been concealing her pregnancy for months.

While it's unclear who was in charge of the creative direction for the IWD performance, one die-hard Katy Perry fan pointed out that the pop icon does love performing with inanimate objects decorated with giant eyes and lips.

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