Tyra Banks Just Called Joe Hildebrand 'The White Kanye'

Here's a headline we could have never even imagined writing.

Appearing on Kyle and Jackie O's KIIS 106.5 show on Friday morning, Tyra Banks was chatting to the radio hosts about her upcoming immersive photo pop-up ModelLand.

During her time on the show, Kyle and Jackie O decided to quiz Tyra on how well she knew Aussie celebrity scandals.

Playing a game of "Australian Celebrity Heads" (which the America's Top Model star agreed was "such an uncomfortable title"), Kyle and Jackie O held up three celeb heads and Tyra had to pick which head matched the scandal.

Kicking things off with Married At First Sight's recent toothbrush-gate, the second scandal was the leaked Uber call between Karl and Peter Stefanovic.



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Giving Tyra the options of Peter, Larry Emdur and Joe Hildebrand, Tyra's choice was surprising.

Picking Larry the international supermodel said, "Larry looks the most innocent here and it would be the biggest scandal. Joe looks like he'd do it and it would be okay, like Kanye, it wouldn't matter."

"You're saying Joe Hildebrand is the white Kanye?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, he's the white Kanye," Tyra confirmed.

After their show had wrapped up, Kyle and Jackie O phoned into Studio 10 -- which was still on-air -- to speak to the newly crowned Yeezy of Down Under.



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Calling it the greatest day of his life, Joe told the radio hosts, "I think most people know this has been a long time coming, but I'd like to thank you for making it official."

Kyle even went so far as to offer Joe his farm in order to launch his own version of Sunday Sessions -- Kanye's spiritual gatherings where he performed gospel versions of his songs.

Meanwhile, Kerri-Anne Kennerley probably put it best when she simply asked, "What was [Tyra] thinking? What was she thinking?"

Featured image: Getty Images / Network 10.