'People Trivialise What We Do': What Ange Bishop Wants You To Know About Being A Showbiz Journo

She's been in the industry for 30 years, and now queen of entertainment reporting Angela Bishop is lifting the veil on what it takes to be a showbiz reporter.

When it comes to the glamourous world of show business, there's no one more well-versed on the ins and outs of the industry than 10's own entertainment reporter.

Ahead of the release of her podcast, Starstruck With Angela Bishop, we asked Ange to dish the deets on what it takes to land one of the world's most coveted jobs, which has seen her jet across the globe to red carpet events like the Oscars and the Emmys, as well as interviewing everyone from Oprah to Audrey Hepburn.



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While her name is now synonymous with the glitzy world of entertainment, Ange actually kicked off her career at 10 as a general news reporter before moving into current affairs.

She's covered nearly every topic you can think of -- so when it comes to showbiz news, she's not here for those who think it's the "easier" route in regards to reporting stories.

"To anyone who thinks that -- come spend a day and see!" she laughed.

"People trivialise what we do, but entertainment is important. If you're watching the five o'clock news and you've seen maybe two or three horrific stories, then there's a chat with the beautiful Adam Lambert -- who I actually interviewed the other day -- you want to see that, you need to see that."

Refuting those who believe showbiz isn't "real" news, Ange claimed that in today's cultural climate, the world of entertainment and "other" news -- whether it be political, environmental or otherwise -- is becoming more intertwined than ever before.

"I mean, we even have a TV star as the president of the United States!" she laughed.

"For example, Adam Lambert is absolutely a newsworthy person -- he's a man who had to fill in the biggest shoes in rock and roll, for Freddie Mercury with Queen, and he's the first openly gay artist to have a number one album on the American charts. That is a newsworthy person," she said.

"The arts and entertainment have as much business being in a news bulletin as the sport does, it's just as important for a lot of people out there."



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While part of the job description may entail fraternising with the likes of the Kardashians or the latest Bachelor, Ange is adamant that it doesn't mean reporting on showbiz takes any less work or determination than with other areas.

"Know that it is hard work, know that you still have to get your facts right. Know that you still have to research and that all of the rules that apply to being every other kind of journalist apply to being the kind of journalists we are," she said.

"In saying that, I do want people to want to do our job and become journalists -- I want journalism to thrive because it is such an important job."

You can catch Ange Bishop's fascinating celebrity stories on Starstruck With Angela Bishop available to stream now on 10 Speaks.

Image: Instagram/AngeBishop10