Compliments From Audrey Hepburn And Going Viral With Harrison Ford: Angela Bishop Spills The Celebrity Tea

She's interviewed everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Clint Eastwood and now, Angela Bishop is opening up the archives to bring you all the juiciest goss from her most iconic interviews throughout her illustrious career.

Kicking off her career at Network 10 three decades ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find a red carpet that hasn't been walked on by the nude Louboutins of 10's talented entertainment editor, Ange Bishop.



Angela Bishop Reunited With The Royal Wedding Live Cross Crashers

Thrills, spills and probably a cocktail or twelve, the boozy wedding crashers are ready to take on the world.

With so many iconic celebrity interviews under her belt, the queen of showbiz is ready to dish the good, the bad and the straight-up chaotic behind-the-scenes stories on some of her most famous chats on 10 Speaks' brand new podcast, Starstruck With Angela Bishop. 

Download Starstruck With Angela Bishop from Thursday, March 5th.

Ahead of the launch of Starstruck, we begged Ange to give us some of the juicy nuggets of goss we can expect to hear in the podcast series that every celeb stan is going to want to tune into.



Ange Bishop Reveals The Worst Celebrity Interview In 30 Years

After 30 years in the game, there are not many A-listers that could faze Ange Bishop.

Most starstruck moment?

"Interviewing Audrey Hepburn -- that was actually the first interview I ever did," Ange told 10 daily.

"Long before other celebs did, she used her fame to do good. These days, you see people like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman doing incredible things and using their fame for good, but back then it wasn't done -- so she left me utterly starstruck."

She continued, "I'd spent two weeks wages on a dress because I knew I was going to be meeting the most stylish woman on the planet -- and when I walked in the first thing she said to me was, 'You look lovely!'"

"Best compliment I've ever received in my life!"

Most surprising interview?

"Probably Harrison Ford back in 2016," she said, referring to an interview in which Ford took aim at Trump which later went viral.

"I've interviewed Harrison a bunch of times and I've never had trouble with him, but he's a pretty straight shooter he just tells it like it is -- and he just took over and it was hilarious so that was a delightful surprise," Ange continued.

She added, "It was also a delightful surprise to see it get picked up by CBS, ABC and NBC News in the United States!"

An interview where everything went wrong?

"There was one with Lionel Richie where about half a sentence into the interview I had one of those massive coughing fits -- the ones where the more you try to stop it the worse it gets," she explained.

"I was pretty much in need of a defibrillator, it was ridiculous! No word of a lie -- I ended up having to write down questions and give them to him and he had to pretend I'd ask them and talk to this empty chair while I'm in the next room coughing up a lung!" she laughed.

"And he was so nice about it! Everything went wrong but he was very generous," she added.

Biggest scoop?

"Probably Oprah -- and this is proof I can keep a secret in the vault!" she said, adding, "When she was coming out to Australia for the first time, I knew about that quite a while and had an interview ready to go with her, so the day she announced on her show, I had the interview ready to go."

"There's actually an Oprah episode in Starstruck where we'll play that interview -- I'll have a big Oprah episode!" she teased.

Who would she like to interview that she hasn't already?

"Clint Eastwood had been on my bucket list but knocked him over last year -- it only took me 25 years!" she said, laughing.

"I was worried about running out of time, but he's still going strong and he was lovely, but I wouldn't have minded getting to him sooner!"

It took her many years, but Ange finally got her interview with Clint Eastwood. Image: Instagram.

"As for any others, I'm a classic rock girl so I'd love to speak to Dave Gilmore from Pink Floyd -- I've done Roger Waters, Robert Plant, the surviving members of The Doors before Ray Manzarek died," Ange mused.

She continued, "I would actually love to do a big sit down with Paul McCartney -- I've had a quick chat with him briefly, but I'd love to sit down with him, I think he's extraordinary. He'd be great."

Favourite and least favourite awards show?

"I love the Golden Globes. I've been doing that one the longest -- aside from the Logies -- because it is film and television," she said.

"Also because it's the beginning of the awards season, the celebrities are happy and chirpy and no one has been jaded from any award show loss yet. Plus, all the parties at the Golden Globes are at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, so they're all very close."

"My least favourite would have been one specific time I did the BAFTAs and it snowed -- and it was bitterly, bitterly cold," she explained.

"I was standing there in a red carpet dress but with boots, because you couldn't be in heels -- although the stars were, so as a result, they didn't want to walk the carpet because they were all freezing."

You can catch more of Ange Bishop's fascinating celebrity stories on Starstruck With Angela Bishop available to stream now on 10 Speaks.