'Hey Hey It's Saturday' Star John Blackman Gives Cancer Update Ahead Of Further Surgery

John Blackman, who is best known for voicing Hey Hey It's Saturday's Dickie Knee, has revealed that he's set to once again go under the knife.

According to the 72-year-old beloved star, what he first thought was "just a little pimple" on his chin turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, requiring the removal of his jaw which was then replaced with a reshaped section of his fibula in a gruelling 10-hour operation.

In a now-deleted tweet, Blackman posted a snap alongside a photo taken of himself in hospital back in July 2019.

"My website, Facebook and Twitter postings will be inactive for a few days as I prepare for another round of facial and dental surgery at The Alfred -- updates recommence early March -- to paraphrase Jeff Fenech, 'I love youse all -- see you on the other side,'" Blackman tweeted.



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In a 2018 interview with A Current Affair, Blackman went into detail regarding his diagnosis.

"[My surgeon] said, 'Well, just get prepared to not be able to do all the things you've been able to do for the past 50 years', which is a bit of a kick in the guts," Blackman said.

"To perform, you have to look good, you have to sound good, you have to sound confident and be confident. I just won't be able to do that anymore. Life without doing that is just so alien to me. I mean, I don't know what I'm going to do."



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“I’ve discovered my voice doesn’t have any authority anymore,” he joked. “I sound like a very drunk uncle Arthur when I’m on the phone. I don’t get any respect as [people] assume I’m a drunk or an old fool.”

Despite the health battle, Blackman also said he hoped to once again get his career back on track.

“My working career stopped the day I went into surgery and I’m determined to get it back on track,” he explained. “In the words of Arnie -- I’ll be back.”

John has worked in radio since 1969 but is best known for his 28-year long stint on Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Featured image: Network 10 / Twitter.