Oprah And Gayle Dish On One Night Stands In Hilarious Never Have I Ever Game

The two BFFs coughed up some brilliant admissions in a recent game of Never Have I Ever.

Sitting alongside model and author Ashley Graham, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King sat down to do something they had never done before: play Never Have I Ever.

The game saw the pair face off in rounds, with the first person admitting they had done a deed five times being forced to do a shot of apple cider vinegar.

Things started off slowly, and when asked if either had ever Instagram stalked before, Oprah simply said, "I don't even know what that is."



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The best part of the game was obviously that the longtime besties kept dobbing each other in, like when they were asked if they had ever interviewed someone they didn't like.

"Oprah, you've interviewed people you've disliked, you better put that finger down," Gayle demands in the video.

When the topic of sexting came up the pair were unified against the idea, with an astonished Oprah saying, "Hell the hell no. Are you kidding me? I'd be a fool!"



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"If she puts her finger down on that I would pass out on the floor right now," Gayle added, "And I would want to see that picture!"

When Ashley admitted she and her husband Justin Ervin occasionally get a little hot and heavy over texts, Oprah and Gayle were shocked.

"You never know where that picture's going to end up," the pair chimed back.

Still, they're not completely innocent, when the question of if either had a one night stand came up Gayle said, "We both better put our fingers down on that one."

The pair had to think all the way back to '82 where their respective trysts happened, with Gayle even quietly doing the math in her head whispering something about Kansas City?

After Oprah tragically lost round one, forcing herself to chug some vinegar she wished was tequila, it was straight back into it for round two where we found out Oprah has never skinny-dipped in any of her THREE swimming pools.

Meanwhile, Gayle simply asked, "Does a hot tub count as skinny dipping?"

You can watch the full video above and get all the glorious laughs from the pair.

Featured image: The Oprah Magazine via YouTube.