Charlotte Crosby's Eyebrow-Raising Party Trick Revealed During I'm A Celebrity Reunion

The cast of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here's sixth season had their first reunion this week.

King of the jungle Miguel Maestre was joined by Myf Warhurst, Rhonda Burchmore, Billy Brownless, Dale Thomas, Cosentino, Ryan Gallagher, Dilruk Jayasinha and Nikki Osborne.

The gang got together to celebrate Charlotte's brief stint in town, and reminisced about some of their favourite memories of being in camp together.

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'I Want To Fall In Love With Myself': Charlotte Crosby Reveals She And Ryan Gallagher Are Just Friends

It was the jungle romance that captivated us all for weeks but sadly the former Geordie Shore star has revealed it's all come to an end.

One memory that probably could have been left back in the jungle was revealed on Charlotte's Instagram story alongside comedian Dilruk.

"Can I talk about your fanny fart?" the comedian asked the former Geordie Shore star before she URGED him to tell the story.

"The funniest thing that happened in the whole camp, there were so many funny things that happened but nothing tops Charlotte saying, 'You know I can fanny fart on cue?'"

An excited Charlotte demanded he continues the story so Dilruk explained, "And then your hands go down--"

Before Charlotte cut him off, exclaiming, "to re-arrange the flaps!"

The revelation is reminiscent of Charlotte's Project appearance where she gave the panel a LOT to think about, telling them all about the health issues she faced after her jungle exit.

Speaking about her ex-beau Ryan Gallagher, Charlotte told The Project, "Obviously we spent last night together... nothing like you think! I've got some infections down there. You can't really go there at the moment.

"At the weekend there's going to be some fireworks I tell you now," she continued, "Give us two more days with the cream."

During her time in Sydney, the Just Tattoo of Us host also got some fresh ink of her very own.

I'm A Celebrity...


Miguel Maestre Crowned King Of The Jungle In 'I'm A Celebrity' Finale

The Crazy Bull now has another moniker to add to his name, being crowned the winner of the sixth season of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Heading down to the crew at Bondi Ink, Charlotte said she kept the place open until 1 am getting a seven-hour dragon tattoo down her back and side.

"The funniest thing is I didn't tell anyone about this tattoo apart from a couple of people," she admitted on her Instagram story. "I told me mam, I sent me mam a picture of it," she said before showing the text response she got.

Charlotte Crosby back tattoo
Charlotte's mum was not so impressed with her new ink. Photo: Instagram.

"I actually love the tattoo," Charlotte said in a follow-up post. "Everyone who's seen it thinks its absolutely beautiful."

Featured image: Instagram.