The Awkward Mistake In Orlando Bloom's Tattoo For His Son

Orlando Bloom has paid tribute to his nine-year-old son Flynn in the form of a tattoo of his name in Morse code.

But things got awkward when the actor posted a snap of his new ink to Instagram, where several fans pointed out that the Morse code actually spelled out "Frynn" instead of "Flynn".

"New #tattoo can you guess who?" he captioned the snap of the new tattoo, as fans asked the meaning behind it.



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"It’s Flynn in MORSE CODE and his dob [date of birth] and time," he replied to curious fans.

However, it was then that followers begin pointing out the error, as the Morse code for the letter L is dot dash dot dot, while Orlando's reads as dot dash dot -- which is the letter R.

“If the Morse code is supposed to spell out Flynn then there is a mistake,” one follower wrote, adding that it actually spelled out “Frynn”.

While Orlando has not spoken out about the mistake as of yet, the tattoo artist, Balazs Bercsenyi, posted his work on to his own Instagram account, ensuring fans knew that the problem could be fixed easily.



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“A beautiful reminder for @orlandobloom of his son,” he captioned the photo of Bloom’s arm. “And yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed.”

Bloom shares son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, 36, who married Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel in 2017, while Bloom proposed to Katy Perry on Valentine’s Day last year.

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