'Amazing Human Stories': Meshel Laurie Explains Why We're Obsessed With True Crime Podcasts

Ahead of her appearance on Monday's episode of 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem', Meshel Laurie spoke to us about her true crime obsession and her podcast 'Australian True Crime'.

"I suppose I was always reading true crime and watching true crime documentaries and all that, so I started podcasting because I found that it was a great creative outlet from radio," she told 10 daily over the phone.

"Just because in commercial radio the interviews are so short and you rarely get to go really in-depth with the interviews, so when podcasting came along, I started with a different podcast before veering into true crime a lot," Laurie continued.



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After discovering local crime writer Emily Webb and inviting her to join her podcast for an interview, the pair worked so well together that Laurie asked her if she would be keen to do a true crime podcast with her.

Laurie said that she believes it's our love for real, human stories that has listeners so obsessed with true crime podcasts.

"I think it's a filter for just really amazing human stories," she said. "When you think about it, it's, it tends to be stories about people under enormous amounts of pressure, and it also tends to be stories about systemic failure."

"I find generally, at the heart of it will be a story about somebody who might have fallen through the cracks of the education system or the mental health system," Laurie added.

"Or that the victim could be someone who's just incredibly unlucky, just someone who happens to come in contact with this person who has fallen through the cracks. So it tends to be a really fascinating story."



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Laurie added that, in comparison to media trained celebs who she might encounter in radio, the people telling their stories on her podcast will generally be far more open and honest.

"In the entertainment industry everyone's so guarded, that it's really incredibly refreshing to sit down with somebody who will be so honest with you about this horrific thing that they've lived through," she explained.

You can listen to Australian True Crime here, and be sure watch Meshel help solve some very different problems alongside Tom Ballard,  Nazeem Hussain and Cal Wilson on 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem' on Monday the 10th of Feb at 9pm, where she "ended up defending Botox a lot because I love that as well" as well as defended herself being a "crazy cat lady".

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As for hilarious host Hughesy, Meshel had nothing but praise for our fave funnyman.

"He is just one of my oldest and dearest friends and he's just the kindest person in the world," she said, adding, "He's always invited me wherever he is, it's so sweet.

"I'm just always so happy to see him and we've known each other for such a long time and we have a lot of real history between us, we have such great chats."

Hughesy, We Have A Problem Monday, 10 February At 9.00pm Only On 10 And WIN Network.

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