'Love is Forever': Terri Irwin Marks 28th Anniversary Of Steve's Proposal

Terri Irwin has shared an emotional tribute to her late husband Steve Irwin on the 28th anniversary of their engagement.

Opening up about the special memory, the mum-of-two penned a sweet message for the occasion on Twitter, alongside a snap of her hugging her late husband, who tragically died September 2006 after being stung by a stingray.

"It was 28 years ago today, here at @AustraliaZoo, that Steve asked me to marry him," Terri began. "Life is constantly changing. Love is forever."

Steve and Terri first met in 1991 at the zoo before marrying in 1992 and having two children together-- Bindi, 21, and Robert, 16.

Opening up in an emotional interview with Ahn Do for 'Ahn’s Brush With Fame' last year, Terri revealed that she doesn't ever plan to move on with someone else.

“I feel that we had that soulmate thing. And in the 10 years since, I haven't dated or even thought about it. Because I'm not afraid to be on my own,” she explained.



'All Steve Wanted Was For His Kids To Continue In His Work': Terri Irwin Remembers Her Husband's Legacy

The wife of the late crocodile hunter has spoken out about what Steve would think of his children carrying on his conservation work.

Bindi also shared a post in celebration of her parents' engagement anniversary over the weekend, calling them the "two greatest Wildlife Warriors".

"28 years ago the two greatest Wildlife Warriors got engaged here @AustraliaZoo," the young conservationist wrote.  "Their love for each other and our planet continues to inspire us all. Mum & Dad, Thank you for teaching me the meaning of unconditional love. Happy engagement anniversary. I love you," she added.



Bindi's Getting Married! A Timeline Of Her Inspiring Relationship With Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin's longterm boyfriend Chandler Powell asked her to marry him on her 21st birthday, and she said yes!

Speaking to PEOPLE last year, Terri recalled that “the sparks were immediate" upon her first meeting with the Crocodile Hunter.

“Right away we were talking about wildlife, and our passions in life and I kept thinking, ‘I wonder if this guy’s married,” she told added.

She continued, “He said to me, ‘Would you like to meet my girlfriend, Sue?’ I tried to be cool about it, but I was devastated. Then he goes, ‘Hey Sue, Suey, come here.’ And his little dog came running around the corner. ‘This is my girlfriend, Sue,’ he said. I thought, ‘Yes!’”

In what she hopes to be an appropriate tribute to her beloved dad, Bindi is planning to wed fiance Chandler Powell at Australia Zoo.

"The most important thing is getting married here at Australia Zoo because this is where I feel closest to Dad," she said.

"So there's going to be a whole lot of planning that goes into the wedding day. But for me, at the heart of it all, I want to make sure that my Mum is there, my brother is there, and that it's a really close family event and we'll remember Dad, whether it's a clip that we play of Dad or something that just reminds us of him. But, you know, we'll plan it out perfectly," she added.

Image: Instagram