YouTube Prankster Tricks Controversial UK Columnist Katie Hopkins Into Receiving Fake Award

Cheeky YouTube comedian Joshua Pieters has duped controversial UK columnist Katie Hopkins into flying to Prague to receive a fake award.

On Friday morning, it was confirmed that Hopkins' Twitter account had been suspended for violating its anti-hate policy following demands to have her to be removed from the platform due to hate speech.

Seizing the opportunity, YouTube prankster Joshua Pieters took to Twitter to reveal he would be sharing a hilarious prank video in which he "made her fly to Prague to pick up a completely fake award."

He explained that the entire sham began three months ago when he set up a fake campaign group 'The Cape Town Collective For Freedom of Speech,' and later emailed Hopkins inviting her to Prague to accept their "lifetime achievement award" -- the Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy (now read that as an acronym...).

Fast forward to the "ceremony", and Pieters has even hired a slew of fake actors to deck out the conference area, which had been kitted out with hidden cameras to catch all the juicy happenings.

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Presenting the "award" to the 44-year-old, he thanked her for "melting the ice caps" of the "snowflakes" in the UK and called her an "inspiration" before handing the award and cheering for Hopkins.

He added that if you felt bad for the former 'Apprentice' star, then don't -- because her vitriolic acceptance speech was truly something else.

Walking up to accept her Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy, the screen behind her suddenly changed to the trophy's acronym -- which just so happened to be the C-word.

Oblivious to the bold four-letter word emblazoned just behind her, Hopkins went on to say that the event was "the most fun" she'd had in a long time.

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"I am not used to receiving awards, it is strange, and it's strange to hear nice things being said about yourself," she began.

"You sit there and you think, 'Wait a minute, are they saying that about me?' Whereas normally it is an incoming deluge of fireballs coming my way so it's kind of an odd thing for that to be tipped on its head, but I really do appreciate it."

She then went on to target various races and minorities with horrifically inappropriate, offensive and racist "jokes" -- one in which she called all epileptics are "weirdos", adding, "they're up there with the Asians" before attacking Muslims and immigrants.

No word yet on whether or not Katie has seen the video, but as of this morning, her Twitter account was again listed, but all her tweets had been removed except for one re-tweet that accused her of "incitement to racial hatred" in a post she made about British rapper Stormzy.

You can check out the video in all it's glory on YouTube.

Image: Youtube