Adam Driver Brought Back Kylo Ren As The Worst 'Undercover Boss' Ever

Adam Driver has brought his 'Star Wars' character alive again for another round of 'Kylo Ren: Undercover Boss'.

He first brought the hilarious skit to life on 'Saturday Night Live' back in 2016, giving us a very good idea of how the Supreme Leader of the First Order would fare as a lowly technician called Matt.

This time on 'SNL', in 'Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now?' Kylo Ren is back to gain a fresh perspective as intern Randy, a sandy-haired, beanie-wearing newbie who is giving off some serious Cousin Greg from 'Succession' vibes.

"I haven't been the best boss lately, I’ve been a little distracted by some personal drama," Kylo explains before popping on his new disguise, alluding to the fact he, uh, killed his dad in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

Intern Randy tries to blend in with the other youngsters in the First Order, awkwardly using the "Ok, boomer" phrase as he navigates using the printer, wrangling droids and getting the office blue milk orders correct.

Kylo then attempts to help out a female employee (Chloe Fineman) advance her career aspirations as a pilot -- before she scoffs at the mention of the Supreme Leader's skills, saying she's more of a Luke Skywalker fan.

Fans have been losing it over the 'Undercover Boss' return, even if its because their dreams of seeing Kylo Ren with facial hair has been fulfilled.

Driver showed off his comedic and dramatic range as a ketchup bottle groom, Jeffrey Epstein in hell, a Del Taco ad exec, a frustrated dad trying to get to the problem in a disaster at his daughter's sleepover and a science teacher trying to talk about safety.

Just as well then that Driver's up for a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in 'Marriage Story', backing up his Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination last year for 'BlacKkKlansman'.

Main Image: SNL/NBC.