'Maybe Not Like That!' Robert Downey Jr's Hilarious Attempt At Slang Makes Gorgi Blush

Robert Downey Jr. just introduced 'The Project' to his own brand of slang and we feel like something might have got lost in translation.

Speaking to Gorgi Coughlan from Los Angeles, the actor took the time to chat about his latest role in 'Dolittle' as the famous fictional doctor who can casually have conversations with animals.

RDJ chatted about interacting with the 'animal actors' he performed alongside, riding a mechanical ostrich and the hijinks he got up to on set.

Image: Network 10.

He also gave a heartfelt shoutout to Australians -- and our native animals -- who have been affected by the bushfire crisis, describing it as an "obvious mega-crisis".

It was all pretty standard stuff until his sign off to 'The Project' host -- which raised a few confused eyebrows.

"Gorgi, it's a pleasure -- when I'm Down Under, I'll look you up, I'll knock you up, as they say," he said.

To which we say: Robert, who SAYS that?

Maybe it has something to do with knocking on someone's door but we're pretty sure it was a slip of the tongue that left Gorgi blushing and Peter Helliar giggling after the clip played.

"Breaking news!" he commented.

Image: 10.

Main Image: Network 10.