Jameela Jamil Goes After The Diet Industry In Two-Minute, Profanity-Filled Video

“The Good Place” actor took a digital swing at celebrities and influencers who promote dieting or detox products by sharing her own experiences in a Twitter video.

“I’ve taken a lot of these products when I was younger, they don’t work,” she said in the video that runs for just over two minutes.

The actor said she is naturally slim. Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty

The self-proclaimed “annoying but effective” celebrity claimed she had been asked to sell a number of diet and detox products over the course of her 11-year career.

“People wanted me to attribute my naturally slim physique to their dodgy products and powders,” she revealed.

“Can you imagine how ridiculous that it? Asking someone who is naturally thin, to say that they got that way from using your product – which isn’t the truth.”

Jamil is the founder of I Weigh, a social movement against shame and self-hatred.

The 33-year-old also shared her own experience with weight fluctuation when she gained around 34 kilograms while on medication.

“I was offered so much money by diet detox companies and by exercise companies to be given a secret personal trainer, and chef and nutrition plan,” she said.

“But not to declare that and say that was just from using their production that I lost all this weight.”

“They wanted me to stage like unflattering, humiliating photos of me fat and sad at the beach and then happy and thin six months later, looking successful and finally ‘acceptable’ to society.”

Jamil has previously taken aim at  Khloé Kardashian for promoting weight-loss products on Instagram.

While the actor is determined to show weight isn’t indicative of a woman’s worth, she also offered her own health advice.

“If you ever want to change the way that you look, please contact a healthcare professional. Someone who can advise you on nutrition and all of the important things that you need to know about.

“Don’t use a ‘quick fix, don’t use a fad diet, don’t use products sold to you by celebrities.”



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Despite commenting on plastic surgery, Jamil was quick to point out personal choices should not be shamed.

“There’s nothing wrong with surgery but you have to be transparent about it if you’re in a position of privilege and influence and power.”

The full video, with an offensive language warning, is available on Jamil’s Twitter account which has one million followers.

Feature Image: @jameelajamil and Getty