Dr Phil's Home Is For Sale And It's Full Of Strange Furnishings

Dr Phil McGraw's home is up for sale and the photos of his Californian mansion are not quite what you'd expect.

The TV host is best known for settling disputes between parents and unruly teens and wading through the politics of love triangles.

Dr Phil's suit and tie, moustache and southern accent might suggest he would have a cosier home filled with family photos, knitted rugs and a framed cross-stitch pattern that reads, 'Bless This Mess'. 



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But a look inside the real-estate listing for the Beverly Crest home tells a different story -- we're just not sure what that story actually is.

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom, 6,170 square foot mansion looks like a pretty standard LA celeb home from the outside with its outdoor swimming pool, manicured hedges and clay tile roof.

Normal, right? Image:

But once you step through those glass sliding doors, a series of very interesting interior design choices figuratively slap you in the face.

There's a lot to unpack as you enter an area that seems to be a grand foyer mixed with a Vegas-style bar.

The staircase seems to be adorned with dozens of metallic snakes, the bar is illuminated like a public toilet and you can just see the fully-stocked gun cabinet in an adjoining room.

Where are you even meant to look first here? Image:

Moving along to the den, you'll see a pool table that could be a claw-foot bathtub, what looks like a fully stocked wine fridge and some bear figurines who are possibly haunting that quarter of the house.


And then another zone that's filled with objects including a clear Fussball table, more bear figurines and neon sign that reads, 'Hello There' in creepy writing.


Dr Phil bought the house in 2007 but it seems that the tenant responsible for these intriguing aesthetics is his son Jordan, who has been living in the house for the past few years, the LA Times reports.

For some reason, the musician has decided it's time to move out and if you're interested -- it's still on the market.

It'll only cost you about $8.25 million.

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