Sharon Stone Got Banned From A Dating App For Being Sharon Stone

According to Sharon Stone, being Sharon Stone got her kicked off popular dating app Bumble. 

Pleading with the app, the 61-year-old actor tweeted that her account had been blocked after users had reported her profile for being fake.

“Hey @bumble”, the ‘Basic Instinct’ star tweeted, “is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive.”

Obviously Bumble users must have thought the profile was too good to be true and reported it as a catfish -- unfortunately for Stone that meant that she had been locked out of her account simply for being too famous. 

After she tweeted, many of her followers were apoplectic at the idea that they had missed the opportunity to swipe right on the Academy Award nominee, while others lamented the idea that if Sharon Stone -- of all people -- can’t get on a dating app, what hope do the rest of us have?

It’s no surprise that users might have attempted to rectify the potential fakery, anyone who has been on a dating app has potentially been messaged by someone who looked curiously like a celeb. Earlier this year the ABC released an in-depth report about a woman who had been posing as Australian actor Lincoln Lewis.

Many celebs use the app Raya which promises a certain amount of discretion, which Olympia Valance used to meet her beau, Tom Bellchambers.

 Perhaps that’s where Sharon should try next?