Zac Efron Confirms He's 'Bounced Back' After PNG Illness

Zac Efron has assured fans that he's recovering well after contracting an illness in Papua New Guinea.

It was reported yesterday that the actor had faced a "life or death" medical emergency earlier this month and had been flown from PNG to Australia for treatment at the St Andrews War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane.

Sources told the Daily Telegraph that the actor fell ill with a "form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection" but the Medical Rescue Group that oversaw Efron's flight were only able to confirm that they retrieved a US citizen in his 30s.

Efron has now addressed the reports on his health via Instagram, thanking fans for their concern. The 'High School Musical' star did not go into detail about the illness he contracted but confirmed that he was on the road to recovery in the United States.

"Very thankful to everyone who has reached out. I did get sick in Papua New Guinea but I bounced back quick and finished an amazing 3 weeks in P.N.G.

"I’m home for the holidays with my friends and family. Thanks for all the love and concern, see you in 2020!"

Image: Instagram.

Efron visited Papua New Guinea to film his new TV series 'Killing Zack Efron' -- a 'Man vs. Wild' style show that will see the actor "falling off the grid for 21 days".

Efron noted in a statement about the upcoming series that he tended to “thrive under extreme circumstances and seek out opportunities that challenge me on every level".

We're just glad he made it home in one piece.

Main Image: Instagram.