Aladdin Just Proposed To Jasmine And Our Childhood Dreams Are Complete

The audience of the Aladdin stage show playing at De Montford Hall in Leicester, England was treated to a real-life fairytale ending with a surprise engagement.

Matthew Pomeroy played Aladdin alongside his partner of four years, Natasha Lamb who was cast as Princess Jasmine.

The Disney love story comes true. Image: @demontforthall

At the end of the performance, the leading man pointed out to the audience that there is no proposal scene in Disney's Aladdin.

"You guys collectively don't get to see that moment ... so now, you do," he teased the audience.

The theatre erupted into cheers as the actor turned to his partner and asked her to share a whole new world as his wife.

Watch the video at the top of the article to hear his proposal.

In one last surprise of the night, the actor revealed his new fiance's parents were also in the audience that night.

I'm not crying, you're crying.