Sharon Osbourne Slammed For Sending Assistant Into Burning House -- Then Firing Him

Sharon Osbourne shocked viewers of a U.K game show as she announced that she once sent an assistant into a burning house and then fired him for not finding it funny.

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne appeared as a guest on 'Would I Lie To You' -- the comedy gameshow where panellists tell a mixture of wild true stories and made-up tales to trick the opposing team.

Osbourne began her segment by announcing that she once sacked a member of her staff "because he showed absolutely no sense of humour during a house fire".

The former 'X-Factor' judge explained that she sent her assistant into a burning building to retrieve her paintings and then promptly fired him after he raised concerns of lung damage from smoke inhalation.

Osbourne told the story on a U.K game show. Image: BBC.

Osbourne explained that one Christmas night, she and Ozzy decided to light a large candle that had been given to them as a gift -- and left it burning while they went up to bed.

After hearing a fire alarm sounding downstairs, Osbourne said she sent her husband to investigate.

She claimed she heard him begin yelling, "Sharon, Sharon, help me", before entering their living room and seeing that Ozzy's arm (which was in a sling) and hair were on fire.

"So I picked up the magazine and I'm hitting Ozzy with the magazine ... and then the magazine caught on fire," Osbourne explained.

She then told how an unnamed assistant was woken up and sent into the blaze to retrieve the family's dogs and paintings.

It was claimed the fire brigade arrived and treated the assistant with an oxygen mask, which Osbourne said she removed to attach to one of her dogs.

"I said, 'How very dare you, you work here, and you get more paintings out right now.'"

Osbourne went on to say that her assistant refused to talk to her after the "terrible night" and confronted her after she and Ozzy began laughing about the fire.

She claimed the assistant had expressed concern for his health when she responded with firing him on the spot.

The 'Would I Lie To You' panellists unanimously agreed that the story was probably true and Osbourne confirmed that it was 100 per cent real.

Viewers of the show have expressed their disgust at hearing how the Osbournes treated their former employee.

"She endangered the life of an employee, bullied him then fired him because he did not find it funny the next day," a fan wrote on the show's Facebook page.

A complaint sent to the show's Facebook page. Image: Facebook.

Viewers have also criticised the 'Would I Lie To You' guests and its studio audience for laughing at the "repulsive story".

The Osbournes have not yet publically addressed the online criticism over the situation.

Main Image: BBC.