50 Cent Rented An Entire Toys 'R' Us For His Son's Christmas Present

50 Cent might have gone a bit overboard with the Christmas gift he chose for his 7-year-old son, Sire.

The rapper reportedly paid $100,000USD to shut down an entire Toys 'R' Us store so that Sire could browse the aisles in peace and choose anything he wanted.

It was a Christmas miracle in itself that there were any Toys 'R' Us stores even open this year, seeing as over 800 of them closed last year when the chain went bankrupt.

Just a few weeks ago, the company that took over the Toys 'R' Us brand name and management opened two ~new~ stores (in New Jersey and Texas) right in the (Saint) Nick of time for 50 Cent to announce the lavish shopping spree.



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"Sire was like oh sh** you really got the whole store," 50 wrote on Instagram. "He was in shock, walking around.he said let me get this straight I can get what ever I want? LOL."

On the one hand, it would probably be pretty cool to be let loose in a toy store (regardless of age) but on the other, it does kind of feel like the rich person's version of a gift certificate.

There were plenty of cameras on hand to capture the magical Christmas moment but fans have been less than impressed by the flashy gesture.

"Seems excessive," wrote one Twitter user.

"What a wonderful gesture giving an entire toy store to needy kids.... oh wait! I read this wrong," echoed @LittleBitsHist.

Sire is 50's youngest son, whom he shares with former partner, Daphne Joy (who tagged along on the shopping spree). The rapper is also father to 22-year-old Marquise Jackson, although the pair are estranged.

Main Image: Instagram.