Charlize Theron Admits She Was Fooled By A Fake Emily Blunt Instagram

The Oscar-winner appeared on U.S late-night talk show 'A Little Late With Lilly Singh' to reveal she's still learning the ropes when it comes to social media.

Charlize and Lilly have been friends for a while, with Lilly joining the South African-born actor on one of her trips for the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project -- a charity she created in 2007.

The pair also bonded when Charlize asked Lilly for tips on how to set up an Instagram account a few years ago.



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While she instantly fell in love with the magic of filters, there was one aspect of her new social media account that Lilly forgot to teach Charlize: weeding out fake accounts.

"It's a good thing to mention that there are these things called fake accounts, which I did not know, so I was following a lot of people," Charlize explained.

"I was following 'Emily Blunt', but I wasn't really following Emily Blunt!"

Apparently -- even after a few mutual friends had pointed out that they didn't think the 'Mary Poppins Returns' star had an Instagram -- Charlize was convinced she had reunited with her 'The Huntsman: Winter's War' co-star.

Charlize took things a step further and revealed she had even slid into the DMs of the fan account she had been following.

"I was like writing her. I was like, 'Hey Em! What's up, evil sister!'," she said, adding, "I was writing to some crazy person who's like obsessed and probably stalking her in a dangerous way!"



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While you could roll your eyes at Charlize's naivete, it's actually not too hard to understand why she was duped. A handful of Emily Blunt fan accounts have a stack of followers, making it seem a lot more likely it could be her.

And with account names like "emilybluntofficial" you can't help but be a little tricked into thinking it could be legit! Thankfully many of these accounts clearly point out that they're fanpages in their bios. Unfortunately Charlize must have missed that detail.

Photo: Instagram.
Photo: Instagram.
Photo: Instagram.

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