Sophie Monk Strips Down After Being Told She's 'Too Old' For Bikinis

Sophie Monk has hilariously responded to commenters who told her that she was 'too old' to be posting photos in bikinis.

Celebrating her 40th birthday in Mauritius with her boyfriend Joshua Gross, Sophie has been enjoying the sunshine and posting a handful of shots in bikinis.

Apparently one of her followers had an issue with that and told Soph that her choice of swimwear wasn't age-appropriate.

"Someone told me 'Stop wearing bikinis, you are too old!'," she captioned the clip, "so I took their advice and stopped wearing them. I think you should post what ever you want. As long as you're not hurting anyone."

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In the clip, Joshua and Sophie seem completely at ease as they hunt for chargers, share some fruit and even enjoy a poolside tinny -- conveniently covering her now absent swimwear with items around the house.

The post seemed to inspire her fans, with singer Anthony Callea commenting, "That's it... I'm doing the same thing!!"

Meanwhile, one fan wrote: "Since my darling 13yo daughter was young, people always said 'she looks just like a young Sophie Monk!'

"I’m so glad that now, while she is going through the awkward teen phase of not understanding her worth or her beauty, if she googles ‘Sophie Monk’ she will be empowered by what she finds."

One thing Sophie was still wearing in the cheeky clip was a ring which recently sparked engagement rumours. Fans first clocked the impressive gold band in October, though the couple has yet to confirm or deny the news.

The pair met over a year ago, sitting next to each other on a flight from the U.S. back to Australia. After sharing a pash on the flight the pair traded numbers and earlier this year he relocated from the states to the Gold Coast to move in with the former 'Bachelorette'.

Josh posted a sweet tribute to Sophie on Instagram for her birthday calling her "the sweetest, kindest, most generous and selfless woman on earth".

Featured image: Instagram @sophiemonk.