Video Captures Ellie Goulding Assisting Trapped Motorist On Busy London Road

The "Love Me Like You Do" singer came to the rescue of a motorist pinned by a truck after the driver reportedly didn't notice pinning the small car, pushing it down the busy A40.

Video captured of the accident shows the truck pushing a sideways car down the Western Avenue -- part of the A40 road which connects London to Wales -- with passing drivers furiously honking at the truck driver.

When the truck eventually stops, to the dismay of all around him, he claims he never noticed the vehicle he had been pushing down the road, with a terrified driver in the front seat.

"I honestly didn't see him," the driver tells a small crowd of witnesses, including Goulding, who can be heard claiming that the Royal Mail truck had been pushing the car for "a mile". 



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Video Captures Ellie Goulding Assisting Trapped Motorist On Busy London Road
The truck diver claimed he had no idea he had been pushing the car at all. Photo: via Facebook.

Goulding, meanwhile, can be heard asking a man if he needs to be filming the incident.

Later, on social media, the singer posted a screenshot of a news article confirming that she was one of the people to stop the truck and check on the driver.

"I'm the one in the car checking if this guy was ok," she wrote, adding, "Everyone was driving past but my driver stopped."

Video Captures Ellie Goulding Assisting Trapped Motorist On Busy London Road
"Drive safe and look out for others everyone." Photo: Instagram @elliegoulding.

She also added another message regarding the drivers who had filmed the ordeal saying she was still shocked that their first reaction was to pull out their phones.

"I can't believe the first instinct of the other drivers who got out was to instantly start filming on their phone and shout abuse at the poor shocked driver," Goulding posted to her Instagram Story, adding the other drivers hadn't even made the effort to check if "the other driver was ok"

According to 'The Guardian', after the video of the incident began circulating on social media a Royal Mail spokesperson said, "We are very concerned about this incident. We sincerely hope that no one was hurt. We are investigating as a matter of urgency."

Meanwhile, Metropolitan police also confirmed that there were no reported injuries and no arrests made.

Featured image: Getty Images.