People Think Kylie Jenner And Drake Are Dating After Cryptic Instagram Posts

The two A-listers have stoked the rumour mill once again with cryptic hints that they may be a couple.

In early November there were rumblings that the "God's Plan" singer was romantically linked with the "Rise and Shine" singer.

Multiple 'close sources' spoke to 'People', saying that since Kylie had split from Travis Scott, her friendship with Drake had developed, with another 'source' telling 'Us Weekly' that their friendship had taken 'a romatic turn'.

The rumours began soon after they were spotted at Drake's 33rd birthday party where the 22-year-old was apparently 'never too far away' from the birthday boy.

Now the pair have once again caused online sleuths to go into overdrive, posting subtle hints that they may be more than just friends.



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Drake posted a photo of himself wearing a 'Sierra Canyon' hoodie, sipping a drink with a large kiss mark on his white Nike cap.

The hoodie is the most obvious clue, as Sierra Canyon School is where Kylie went to primary school before she began homeschooling in 2012. Many of his followers also believe the huge kiss-mark to be made by Kylie's cosmetics.



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Meanwhile, the young billionaire posted her own subtle nod to Aubrey aka Drake aka Drizzy aka Champagne Papi through the subtle use of vending machines.

Truly what's more relatable than Kylie's own branded Skittle and Champagne vending machines? The hint here being that Drake has used the name "Champagne Papi" since around 2011.

While there are other explanations to the pics (Drake being a fan of the Sierra Canyon basketball team, Kylie being a fan of late-stage capitalism) fans are still pretty sure they've cracked the code hidden within the pics.

Kylie and Drake have both been pretty quiet on the rumours, which has only inspired us to believe they're 100 percent true.

Featured image: Getty Images.