'He Had A Relapse': Magician Criss Angel Reveals His 5-Year-Old Son's Cancer Is Back

Magician Criss Angel has revealed to fans that, sadly, his 5-year-old son Johnny Crisstopher’s cancer has returned.

Speaking to TMZ on Tuesday, the 51-year-old said that his young son's cancer had once again returned, after a brief remission.

Johnny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015 at just 21 months old and was said to be in remission as of June 2016.

“Johnny Crisstopher — he got diagnosed with pediatric cancer before he was 2 years old — he’s been in treatment for over three years, he’s been in remission,” Angel said, adding, “but unfortunately … he had a relapse and he’s going back into the hospital on Monday.”



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Angel -- who shares Johnny with partner Shaunyl Benson -- told the publication that he wanted to spend time having fun at California theme parks with his son before he once again resumes treatment.

“That’s why we’re partly out here in California, because we take Johnny to Disney[land], I’m taking him to Universal [Studios] tomorrow,” Angel explained.

Angel has previously spoken of plans to release a documentary detailing his son's chemo treatments, with all proceeds from the film -- titled '1095' to represent the number of days his son had to undergo chemotherapy radiation treatments initially  -- going to children’s pediatric research and treatment.



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“We went through it and we want to share it with the world so that other people don’t have to be alone and they can have the support that they need and we can raise awareness for pediatric cancer, and dollars so that one day it can make it poof, disappear,” the illusionist said.

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