Fitzy Has Been Texting A Random British Woman For Three Years Thinking It's One Direction's Niall Horan

Okay, this is an exceptional prank.

Former One Directioner Niall Horan was on Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa to catch-up with his old mate Fitzy, someone he's really close with, apparently.

Well, that's what Fitzy thought, considering for the past three years the pair have been texting each other across a whole manner of topics.

"One thing that happened last time we caught up is that we exchanged numbers," Wippa said, "and Fitzy's been bragging about it on air. Do you remember the text message, Niall?

"You probably don't," Wippa continued, "because it's at this stage Fitzy we let you know that Niall's been in on the joke. It's not his number."

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The show's producer Tommy revealed Fitzy had just been texting a woman named Sophie in London, explaining, "We just needed someone who had a UK number".

Screenshots of the texts from 2017 show Fitzy excitedly chatting to Niall about footy, the Marriage Equality vote and setting up a casual beer between mates.

Niall Fitzy Text Messages 1
"Fitzy ya legend". Photo: Supplied.

Texts included Niall admitting he was "so devo" that the crows didn't win a game back in 2017, and demanded an AFL jersey.

"The whole time I was saying there’s something wrong about this," Fitzy said when they revealed he hadn't actually been texting Niall... ever.

Niall Fitzy Text Messages 2
Photo: Supplied.
Niall Fitzy Text Messages 3
Photo: Supplied.

While the stranger on the other end of the line may have been trying to set-up beers with the boys, the deceit may have broken Fitzy's heart a little too much.

"You know what," Fitz said after they revealed the entire thing had been a sham, "we're not going for a pint now. You can go get stuffed."

After it all, Niall promised to ACTUALLY trade numbers with Fitzy and Wippa after the "unfair" long prank. So we can't wait to check back in 2022 to find out who Wippa has been messaging.

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