Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Makes History As Cosmopolitan UK's Cover Star

Looking fierce and fabulous in a chic tangerine gown and Nike sneakers, JVN is again breaking boundaries as the first non-female cover star of Cosmopolitan UK in 35 years.

Posting to Instagram to share the exciting news, the TV star captioned a snap of the iconic mag cover with:

“My body is ready,” the reality star captioned the picture of his cover on Instagram. “First non-female cover star of Cosmopolitan UK in 35 years,” he wrote.



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It makes yet another way the star has broken boundaries of late, with Van Ness regularly rocking dresses on the red carpet, as well as speaking out on his gender identity (he identifies as non-binary but uses “he” and “him” pronouns). In September this year, the star also bravely detailed his diagnosis as HIV positive at 25 in his memoir, Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love.

Meanwhile, readers have praised both JVN as well as Cosmo UK for their choice of cover, with one Twitter user commenting, "I just adore everything about this and honestly makes me feel like I can just do anything, thank you for blessing me with this", while another added, "You are like a unicorn. Beautiful, unique and just as mythical. Keep up inspiring people by being who you are, and thank you, for sharing this light. And as for @CosmopolitanUK, you were right! Thank YOU."



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Over eight years ago in December 2012, One Direction graced the cover as the mag's first all-male cover stars. However, Van Ness is the first solo, non-female-identifying celeb to grace the front page in the publication’s history.

Image: Cosmo UK