'This Isn't Going Well': Dakota Johnson's Trainwreck Ellen Interview Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

It has to be one of the most awkward interviews in recent history, and Ellen vs Dakota Johnson has taken over the internet after their horrifically cringe-worthy interview went to air.

Welcoming her onto the show and wishing her a happy belated 30th, Ellen DeGeneres joked that she didn't receive an invite to Dakota Johnson's birthday party.

And it was all downhill from there.

Correcting the comedian and daytime talk show host, Dakota reminded Ellen that she actually was invited and that she had chosen not to go.

Dakota Johnson's Train-wreck Ellen Interview
Things went from bad to worse for Ellen and Dakota. Photo: via Youtube.



Ellen DeGeneres Defends Friendship With George W. Bush Amid Backlash

Ellen DeGeneres was spotted laughing it up with a former president at an NFL game on Sunday, but the celebrity sighting received some negative attention.

"Last time I was on the show, last year you gave me a bunch of sh*t about not inviting you but I didn't even know you wanted to be invited," Johnson said adding she didn't know if Ellen even liked her.

"Don't I show... like?" Ellen said, replicating the faux snowfall of the Christmas backdrop to the interview with a frosty stare.

"But I did invite you and you didn't come," Dakota said to a shocked Ellen.

"This time you didn't invite me? Are you sure?" Ellen shot back before an unperturbed Dakota simply responded, "Ask everybody. Ask Jonathan, your producer."

The delectable twist in the entire story is that Ellen's producer concedes she was invited, but that she was "out of town", and as it turns out this is also true because, on Johnson's birthday (October 4) weekend, Ellen was at the now infamous NFL game where she was pictured with former US President George W. Bush.



Dakota Johnson Just Got Rid Of Her Most Defining Feature And Fans Can't Cope

Dakota Johnson's iconic gap-tooth is gone forever and her fans were absolutely not ready to handle the news.

Ellen received widespread backlash -- especially from the LGBTQ+ community -- for her buddying up to the former president and even made an on-air statement regarding her friendship with Bush. So it was easy for online sleuths to track down where she was when she could have been during Dakota's Malibu birthday.

But the interview wasn't finished derailing as Dakota went on to call Tig Notaro her "favourite comedian" before admitting she bailed early on Ellen's party.

The obviously awkward interview has ignited online with fans of Dakota -- and fans of general mess and drama -- revelling in the entire encounter.

This also isn't the first time Dakota has brought her now trademark No BS energy to a talk show, with fans remembering the time she called-out Jimmy Fallon for not letting her get a word in during an interview.

Featured image: via Youtube.