'I Used To Be A Coke Head': Kirstie Alley Opens Up About Being 40 Years Sober

Kirstie Alley has opened up about her struggle with drug addiction while celebrating 40 years of sobriety.

On Twitter, the 68-year-old spoke to her 1.3 million followers about her past, revealing that she vowed to remain sober -- and has stayed sober -- since 1979.

"For u who don’t know much about me, I used to be a coke head. I quit drugs in 1979 & vowed to spend the same $ weekly on flowers that I’d spent on drugs," she captioned an image of a fabulous floral arrangement.

She continued, "I buy & arrange my own flowers as a gift to MYSELF. I buy them in the grocery store."

Fans were quick to praise the star for her honesty, with several Twitter users sharing their own experiences and coping mechanisms when it comes to battling their vices.

"WOW... I am proud of you, and congratulations on beating your addiction. I have a drinking problem, and on my way home from work I buy a bag of M&M's instead of alcohol," one fan wrote.

Another added, "You are one of the few celebrities I not only admire but am interested in what you think and say. I believe you’re rare in that you have honesty and intellectual integrity that is rare today, let alone among those of any notoriety. Flowers are beautiful!"



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She also called critics of the controversial religion 'irrelevant'.

Alley -- who is an avid Scientologist -- has spoken out about her addiction issues on 'Celebrity Big Brother', where she credited The Church Of Scientology's drug rehabilitation program, Narconon, for getting her off the drug after she found herself snorting cocaine while looking after her young niece and nephew.

“I had my niece and nephew round. I went upstairs and I was snorting coke then I came down and I was taking care of them and I thought, ‘My God, I’m up here snorting coke then coming down and taking care of these babies. This is horrible’,” she explained during her time on the show.



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She added, “I called my sister and lied and said I wasn’t feeling well, could she pick up the kids. That was when I just went, ‘you’ve lost your soul totally’. I had stepped over the line. Now the crazy was running me, instead of being wild.”

“As soon as I took cocaine, it was all over for four years. I thought, ‘I’m going to do this every day for the rest of my life’,” the mother-of-two shared. “Then cut to two and a half years later and it had just snagged my soul. It kills your soul somehow.”

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