Kim Kardashian West Reveals Her Favourite Sister And How She Keeps Her Kids Grounded

No surprise it isn't Kourt...

When Lisa Wilkinson caught up with Kim Kardashian West on the set of her new UberEats commercial, she also got the low-down on all things family.

The star -- having just clocked over another million followers on Instagram -- has always joked that she was mum Kris Jenner's favourite right up until little sis Kylie Jenner became a billionaire. While she may have been dethroned from the top spot, Lisa asked the mum-of-four if she had a favourite sister.

"I don't know if it's a favourite," she diplomatically answered, "I love each sister for a different reason but as far as closeness, me and Khloe are really close right now."



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Kim said she and Khloe became a lot closer ever since the birth of Khloe's first child True Thompson.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star also revealed she is constantly talking to friends and family about raising her kids, especially in such a surreal environment.

"I research parenting probably more than anything else," Kim said, "from reading tonnes of books to having conversations with a lot of people that have been in my situation that are older than me.

Lisa Wilkinson


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They’re possibly the most talked about family in the world, and conversations about them, their influence, and their actual relevance always divides opinion.

"I think no matter what you are given and no matter what you have, you just have to treat people with respect and just be a kind person," Kim continued, "so I do the best I can and I really do believe my children are well-adjusted and know that they are blessed, but understand to be compassionate and good people.

"That is my number one goal in life."

Kim revealed she also confides in her sisters often when it comes to the question of parenting -- saying that the Kardashian klan often will "bounce ideas around and all kind of develop a unanimous way" that they plan to parent.

Check out the full interview with Lisa and Kim in the video above.

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