Noice, Different, Unusual: Kim Kardashian's Uber Eats Ad Is Lowkey Iconic

Looks like Sharon has a new best friend called Kim!

In one of the most surprising pairings since that cursed Vegemite chocolate block comes UberEats' new ad that stars none other than Australian icon Sharon Strzelecki alongside a very different Kim.

via Network 10.

Kim looked right at home decked out in her very own netball uniform, complete with her very own "KKW" bib.

Lisa Wilkinson


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The two do the usual ordering food (watching Kim Kardashian say "chicken schnitty" was like attaching electrodes directly to my brain and shocking my soul alive) before Sharon gives Kim a bit of a lesson in how to talk good.

According to Lisa Wilkinson, who was on set to interview Kim during the commercial, there were about 150 people who were a part of the ad's creation which took almost 12 hours to shoot.

We're hoping most of those hours were just of Magda saying things that rhymed with "noice".

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While people thought Kim was about to make another announcement about her shapewear or her perfume -- the ad seemed to really surprise people who described it as noice, different and a bit unusual. Yeah.

Just means Kim is going to have to keep an eye on her stash of fat-free Fruche, you know how Sharon gets after a grand final.

You can check out the full interview with Kim here:

Lisa Wilkinson Sits Down With Kim Kardashian!

Featured image: via Network 10.