Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Clashes With Kanye In Vulnerable Interview With Lisa Wilkinson

Social media and reality television behemoth Kim Kardashian West talks about her marriage to Kanye West in a candid interview with Sunday Project's Lisa Wilkinson.

Wilkinson travelled to Los Angeles to sit down on-set with one of the world's most influential women, Kardashian West.

The 39-year-old mother of four reflected on how children have changed her.

"I’ve grown up and I’ve had kids I might have a different perspective on the things that I would do or say or wear," she told Wilkinson.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are as renowned for popularising hourglass curves as they are for promoting scantily-clad fashion.

Kim Kardashian West sat down with Lisa Wilkinson in a candid interview at a hotel in L.A. Image: Sunday Project

However, different views on fashion have become a point of contention in her marriage with rapper Kanye West. One dress, in particular, pushed both fashion boundaries and their marriage.

West said the custom Thierry Mugler look that Kim donned for the Met Gala was "affecting [his] soul and [his] spirit" in a negative way.

The disagreement was included in a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"It was supposed to be wet looking coming out of the water, it had nipples on it and so he really wanted that taken off, and he had mentioned that a few times," she told Wilkinson.

Kim Kardashian West in the dress her and Kanye West couldn't agree on. Image: Getty

So why does a woman who travels with an entourage of 150 now want to show anything but a perfectly orchestrated image for the world to see?

I also think, for me just to show every picture perfect moment of my life is just sort of the Instagram version of the show.

"It’s totally natural that a husband and wife would, [be] in like, different places in life and have different ideas about things and having disagreements about things like that," she said.

Almost everything Kim does creates hype and headlines, but last year's family Christmas photos caused more hysteria than usual.

In the photograph, her eldest daughter North was wearing red lipstick.

Kim also revealed to Wilkinson that while Kanye doesn't approve of his children wearing lipstick, she sought the opinions of her sister on the matter.

"I think sometimes if you don’t understand a rule, it’s good to ask your friends and in my case my sisters, what they would do and to bounce ideas around ... and all kind of develop a unanimous way that we are going to parent and rules that we have and we always have to stay aligned."

Wilkinson also asked Kardashian West if she has U.S. President Donald Trump's number on speed dial.

The celebrity also reflects on the hardest part of constantly being in the public eye.

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