The Matthew McConaughey Event In Sydney That Wasn't Alright, Alright, Alright

Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey was in Sydney to launch his new eco-cabin in the bush, but the event didn't quite go to plan.

The actor who is also bourbon brand Wild Turkey's creative director has been busy designing a cabin for Aussies who want to get back in touch with the wilderness.

From December, the cabin named 'The Reserve' will be available to rent on the NSW Central Coast.

McConaughey was hands-on in the design of the solar-powered, wifi-free cabin, from the layout, furnishings and the music collection -- which are cassettes of his favourite artists. Yep, cassettes.

Matthew McConaughey has been the Creative Director for Wild Turkey since 2016. Image: AAP

But cabin's launch event to journalists, including Network 10, on Wednesday outside the Sydney Opera House didn't get off to a great start.

Firstly, the microphones didn't work.

McConaughey had a few microphone issues at the event. Image: 10 News First

After an initial mike failure the group revealing The Reserve, including McConaughey, awkwardly left the stage to re-do their entrance.

During a second attempt, their lapel microphones failed completely.

The event was a dud but McConaughey looked smooth in double denim. Image: AAP

After the speeches wrapped up, then came the time the audience was waiting for ... the chance to ask McConaughey questions.

However, despite a full house of journalists present, none were allowed to ask the actor a question.

Instead, a moderator was used and we learnt his favourite Australian animal is the highly venomous brown snake.

The moderator asked McConaughey a gem of a question though.

The actor was asked if he could take just one item with him for a week in the wilderness what would it be?

"Me," McConaughey answered.

He was also asked about his vision for the cabin and what personal touches he made to it.

McConaughey thinks about time a lot. Image: AAP

At one point, McConaughey -- who was decked out in double denim to really drive home the wilderness theme in Sydney's busiest area -- took a while to explain how 'natures clock' changed his attitude to time when he's in the bush.

"I go off to Los Angeles and I am working all the time ... and I think it's lunchtime and it's actually 10.15am in the morning," he said.

"My clock is too sped up, I'm ahead of time.

"I go away in nature ... I go 'it's 4.15' and I look at my clock and it's 4.16. I am one minute behind."

McConaughey lived in NSW for one year in 1988, and he said he has some fond memories of our wildlife.

"My favourite animal is the brown snake," he said.

Apparently one of the slippery things slithered between his legs while he was mowing the lawn back in the day.

"I didn't get bit that day and that is why it is my favourite animal."



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Typecast again, in the best way possible!

Despite it being a Wild Turkey event, there wasn't any bourbon.

And despite McConaughey being there, there was no sign of his famous catchphrase 'alright, alright, alright'.

But despite Wednesday's failures, McConaughey is here for a good cause -- to help protect and preserve the Aussie wilderness and that's a great thing.

For the lifetime of the cabin which is a joint venture with Sydney start-up Unyoked, all funds generated will be donated to The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

On top of this Wild Turkey is also donating $1 from every Longbranch Bourbon sold.

Check out the best bits of the launch event in the video above.