Comedian Joel Creasey Cancels Bendigo Gig Amid Safety Fears

After his safety was threatened, comedian Joel Creasey has cancelled a stand-up gig in Bendigo.

The cancellation was initially announced by the intended venue, the Golden Vine Hotel, who posted a statement on Facebook.

Though the statement appears to have been deleted, a screenshot obtained by the Bendigo Advertiser showed the venue claiming Creasey's show had been cancelled, going on to say "his management has prevented him from doing the show because of safety concerns. So, blame some homophobic a**hole in the Bendigo region."



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Following the post, Creasey released his own statement seeming to walk back claims that the cancellation was purely from homophobic threats, also noting that it appeared his team wasn't aware of the content in Golden Vine's post.

"Unfortunately, I have had to cancel my show next week in Bendigo," Creasey wrote on his personal Facebook. "As this is a serious matter I didn't think that specific details around my cancellation would be posted publicly and weren't approved by me or my management team.

"I am so sorry to disappoint my audience in Bendigo and want to be clear that this threat wasn't entirely homophobic," he wrote, adding "Furthermore I certainly don't think this reflects the Bendigo community in any way."

This isn't the first time Creasey has been targeted for being gay. In 2011 when he performed in Colac, a small Victorian town, a man made homophobic remarks that were later printed in the Colac Herald.

Following the article, Creasey was invited to speak at an event run by an anti-discrimination group focusing on homophobia where a group of men taunted Creasey and attendees. The men waited for Creasey to chase him to his car later that night.

Returning to Colac years later with fellow comedian Rhys Nicholson, the pair attempted to see how homophobic the town was for an ABC2 docuseries 'The Gaycrashers'.

While the series painted Nicholson and Creasey's time in the town as mostly positive, later in an interview with podcast 'Binge List', Creasey said some of the abuse hurled at the comedians wasn't captured by their small film crew.

"We had people yelling at us 24/7, and so Colac is a very homophobic place. Sure, I haven’t been there in three years, but I don’t know how much can change in that time."

Golden Vine has confirmed tickets to the gig will be refunded.

Featured image: Getty Images.