Vin Diesel Shares Sweet Birthday Tribute To Paul Walker's Daughter On Her 21st Birthday

Vin Diesel, who was close with the late Paul Walker, has penned a touching tribute to his former co-star's daughter, Meadow, in celebration of her milestone birthday.

Sharing a touching tribute to Instagram, the 'Fast & Furious' star revealed that he was "so proud" of the young woman.

"I could say that I am so proud of the person you are becoming... but the truth is I have always been proud of you," the actor captioned an image of Meadow.

"Happy Birthday Meadow! I know it's your 21st and you wanted to go big in Japan, but the family has a cake waiting for you when you get home, so hurry. Love you kid. Uncle Vin."

Meadow responded to the sweet message, saying, "Thank you so much. I can't wait to see you soon. And my little angels. Love you."



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After Paul Walker's tragic death in 2013 in a high-speed car crash, his only child has developed a close bond with Vin Diesel and his family, with Vin even naming his 4-year-old Pauline after his close friend.



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Meadow is regularly involved in keeping her father's spirit alive by devoting her time to the Paul Walker Foundation, which she launched in 2015.

The foundation provides grants and scholarship opportunities as well as “spontaneous acts of goodwill.” It also endorses those who campaign to protect oceans, sea creatures and wildlife.

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