Matthew McConaughey Celebrates Turning 50 By Joining Instagram

Looks like Matthew McConaughey wants his 50th to be Insta-stellar.

The Oscar-winner turned the big 5-0 hon the 4th of November and to commemorate the major milestone, McConaughey decided to do what all the cool kids are doing: join Instagram.

In his first post, McConaughey shared a video explaining that he was nervous about joining the platform, but also shared his outlook on what he hopes to achieve now that he's an Insta-star.



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"When people come to my page, I want them to see me, but this is my first venture into sharing myself and my views with the world and I'm a little bit nervous about it," he said in the video.

"Quite frankly, I know I want to have a monologue, I just don't know if I want the dialogue," he continued, adding, "but I’ve learned that you have to have the monologue to have dialogue, just as you have to have the dialogue to have the monologue, so I’m looking forward to it."

Already raking in over 174,000 followers in the 6 hours he joined Instagram, that's certainly one way to celebrate turning 50.

He also posted about his new account over on Twitter where he said that not until he turned 50 did he become officially McConaughey -- a play on his Instagram handle @officiallymcconaughey.

McConaughey isn't the only celeb to recently join Instagram, Jennifer Aniston also recently signed up ahead of her Apple+ series 'The Morning Show', posting a selfie with some of her closest 'FRIENDS'.

Featured image: Instagram.