George Michael's Ex Goes On Bizarre Twitter Tirade Full Of Explosive Allegations

Fadi Fawaz has unleashed an odd series of tweets attacking his former boyfriend George Michael, prompting furious fans to hit back.

The 46-year-old photographer and former hairdresser began his rant by claiming Michael was HIV positive, and that "towards the end" the "Careless Whisper" singer was still using drugs.

The Lebanon-born man moved to Sydney before he lived in Brisbane for a time. He then moved to London where he met Michael and eventually moved into his home.



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Fawaz claimed Michael became aware of his HIV status following his 2011 bout of pneumonia that saw him hospitalised in Vienna.

Fawaz, who was left out of Michael's will when he died in December 2016, also alleged that the musician "never wrote his own music".

"He paid other people to make the music for him and he pretended it was him. Not so talented after all," his tweet continued.

Photo: via Twitter.
Photo: via Twitter.
Photo: via Twitter.

Earlier this year Fawaz was arrested in London after reportedly smashing up Michael's home -- which he had refused to leave despite the wishes of Michael's family.

The tweets were also followed up with messages denying that his account had been hacked, posting a selfie to also appear to confirm the tweets were his own.

Photo: via Twitter.

The pair first met in 2009, and were in a relationship for four years but was left out of the singer's will when he died of natural causes at age 53.

The tweets, which included explicit allegations about their sex life, enraged Michael's fans who hit back at Fawaz's bizarre rant.

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