SJP Reacts To Reporter's Viral Brexit Gaffe

Sarah Jessica Parker joined The Project panel on Tuesday night and found out she had accidentally become a Brexit correspondent.

A video of a BBC reporter accidentally referring to a Brexit correspondent as ‘Sarah Jessica Parker’ went viral last week.

The reporter’s name is Jessica Parker.

But the real SJP had no idea that the video of the faux pas existed until The Project showed her.

SJP didn't know the Brexit gaffe had even happened. Image: The Project

"My name was invoked in the midst of the Brexit? An international incident!" the actor said, stunned to learn her name was part of a viral video.

SJP laughed off the incident.

"I don't need to do anything else as long as I live," she joked.

"That's it for me."

The Project panel laughed as SJP reacted to the gaffe. Image: The Project

SJP is in Australia to promote her new range of shoes, but she is also known for her successful perfume brand.

The Project joked about the perfume being the best selling in Australia for the past three years, SJP admitted "that may have been a rumour we started".

"But truth doesn't matter anymore, it's an alternative fact," she said.

The Project had a bottle on standby that was passed around, and SJP had a good sniff of the panel.

Tommy Little told SJP his fragrance was 'desperation'. Image: The Project

The interview also touched on her private life with husband of 22 years, Matthew Broderick, with who she has three children.

SJP said the couple hope their children have "their own life", and that living in New York allows them to live a normal life.

"We like living in a city where we walk out of our home, and we're on the streets," she said.

"We're joining everybody in our community and we know the people in our grocery stores and we care about our neighbour and our local businesses."

SJP and Matthew Broderick married in 1997, Image: Getty

Broderick and SJP are starring in the Broadway production in the revival of 'Plaza Suite', set to open in April 2020.

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Working together and being married is no problem for the couple, said SJP, as she, thankfully, really does like him.

"I really do like him. And I'm sure I am annoying and you know, there are times that he annoys me, and that's what makes it interesting," she said.

"But I like him, and I admire him, and I'm hopeful our marriage can weather this experiment."

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