Olympia Valance Reveals The Exclusive Dating App Where She Met Her AFL Boyfriend

There's a super-exclusive version of Tinder for celebs, and apparently... it works!

Speaking to Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa about the second season of 'Playing for Keeps', Olympia Valance was asked about what it's like going from an on-screen WAG to one in real life.

Currently dating Essendon's Tom Bellchambers, Olympia -- who plays Tahlia Woods on 'Playing for Keeps' -- revealed she used a super exclusive app that's basically Tinder but for celebs.

"How good is Olympia getting herself into character and actually going out with an AFL footballer," Fitzy noted before her co-star Madeleine West dubbed Olympia the "Daniel Day Lewis of the WAG world".

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When pressed about how she and Tom met, Olympia was shocked it was the first time somebody had actually asked her the question.

"Do I lie?" She said before admitting, "It's an app for people who are in the public eye. It's this app called... Raya?"

Raya was launched in 2015 and was a kind of alternative to other online dating apps like Hinge, Tinder, Grindr and the other handful of apps for those who wanted to swipe -- but whose professions meant they probably couldn't have their face popping up with common folk like us.

Dubbed "Illuminati Tinder", the app wants users to be able to meet others online in an environment that feels "safe and exciting". "We believe that people here are not users," their site reads, "They are members of community, free to express themselves in any way they chose."

Not just a dating app, Raya also offers ~ professional networking ~ options but, like, we're pretty sure there's a thick layer of dust on that side of things.

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The super-exclusive app requires users to first be referred by an existing Raya member and, even then, membership isn't guaranteed. There's also a community selection process that works in conjunction with an algorithm to pick who makes it through to the app.

Celebs around the world have admitted to being on it -- including Lizzo, Cara Delevigne, Ruby Rose, Diplo... even 'Full House' star Bob Saget was spotted on there.

Olympia told Fitzy and Wippa, before she met Tom, she saw a handful of famous faces, "some really big stars!"

When pressed for more info she hinted a race car driver had been around, but when quizzed on if it was five-time Formula One World Champ Lewis Hamilton... she kept silent.

After all, Raya's community is all about discretion.

You can listen to the full chat here.

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Featured image: Instagram.