‘I Just Don’t Want To Get Fired’: Renée Zellweger Explains Her Iconic 'Jerry Maguire' Line

Renée Zellweger stopped by 'The Project' and chatted about some of her most iconic roles on the silver screen.

Waleed Aly hesitantly asked whether he could perhaps ask about her role in a certain 1996 classic alongside Tom Cruise.

"I know you're probably sick of this but do I have your permission to talk about 'Jerry Maguire'?" he asked.

"Why would I be sick of that?" she smiled.

Photo: Network 10.

Waleed went on to ask if she had any idea when she uttered the words "You had me at hello" on set that they'd go down in cinematic history.

"No, not at all," she said. 

"I don’t think about it that way, I just don’t want to get fired -- I’m serious," she laughed.

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"Saying that line, I just wanted to get it right, I knew it was really important to Cameron [Crowe] who directed the film. So he'd be behind the camera shouting out directions across the set. 

"We just kept rolling, rolling, rolling and I was praying I'd get it right once," she said.

Photo: Network 10.

Zellweger is in Australia promoting her latest film, 'Judy' in which she plays Judy Garland in the later years of her life, before her accidental overdose at age 47.

But Zellweger explained that she wouldn't describe the film, or Garland's life as "sad".

"The circumstances were obviously tragic, it's tragic that she passed away so early, at 47 but that's what I love about this, it contextualises the circumstances of her life.

"I think it just sets her apart, it’s really heroic when you see what she grappled with and was able to overcome in order to continue performing."

'Judy' hits Australian cinemas on October 10. 

Main Image: Network 10.