Seth Rogen's Mum Is Tweeting About Her Sex Life Again And Fans Are Having A Field Day

No one likes to think about their parents doing the dirty, let alone having it broadcast to the world over social media, but unfortunately for Seth Rogen -- that's exactly what mum, Sandy, did.

Having previously begged his mum to stop with the TMI on Twitter, it seems the funnyman's pleas have fallen on deaf ears judging by Sandy's latest tweets about her personal life.

“Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex don’t have germs,” she tweeted on Monday.

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Of course, Twitter users were quick to tag the 37-year-old actor in the post, with one user writing, "Dear Seth, Today is not the day to check in on Moms (sic) Twitter."

Another added, "@Sethrogen hey man Idk if anyone's tagged you here yet. Looks like no one else has thought of it so I think I'll take the opportunity."

Others simply posted hilariously appropriate reaction GIFs of the 'Lion King' star.

It comes after Sandy opened up about her sex life two years ago over the social media platform, promoting Seth to reply to the tweet in utter shock.

“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!” she tweeted in July 2017.

“Jesus f****** Christ mom,” Seth responded in a retweet, while sister Danya added, “Seriously. I actually gagged,” with the sick-face emoji.

Family, amiright?!

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