'If Muslim Women Do This We're Terrorists': Cardi B's Paris Outfit Draws Attention To Niqab Ban

Cardi B has arrived at Paris Fashion Week in a head-to-toe floral outfit -- and the look has drawn attention to France's controversial niqab ban.

The skirt, jacket and scarf ensemble was designed by Richard Quinn and completely obscures every part of the wearer's skin, including their face.

The fashion-forward rapper posted a video to social media wearing the outfit in front of the Eiffel tower, with her unmistakable voice heard from underneath the fabric.

"What's poppin' baby?" she laughed to a crowd of paparazzi capturing the moment.

Fans on Twitter have humourously compared the outfit to a shower curtain, a Jedi temple guard and something Mrs Doubtfire might wear -- but the floral number has also raised comments from Muslim women about France's controversial face-covering ban.

The 2010 law forbids "any article of clothing intended to conceal the face" in public spaces and was deemed a violation of human rights by a UN committee in 2018.

Cardi B's outfit has prompted Muslim women to point out the hypocrisy of the face-covering law, with some writing on Twitter that there's a double-standard at play in France.

"So Cardi B can wear this but I'll be fined €500 every time I go out in public. Cool," wrote US-based Muslim woman Tuscany Bernier. 

Women in France who defy the ban face fines of €150 (about $240), a sum that must be paid within a month, and/or must enrol in citizenship education 

The criticism has been (mostly) levelled at France for continuing to uphold the ban after nearly a decade, rather than Cardi B herself.

Although Cardi hasn't addressed the issue, some fans have pondered whether her outfit was an intentional political statement.

The floral outfit was debuted at Quinn's Autumn/Winter London runway show in February and was worn by model Karlie Kloss in British Vogue in July -- but has only raised eyebrows since Cardi's decision to wear it in France.

Main Photo: Twitter/Getty.