'Disgusting': Miley Cyrus' Mum Shames Daughter For Her Phone Addiction

Labelled a 'bratty millennial' by her mum, Miley Cyrus has been shamed for her need to 'serve content'.

While on holiday in Arizona with her family, Miley revealed that her desire to upload photos to social media has not gone down well with her mum Tish.

The 52-year-old Cyrus matriarch called Miley's behaviour "disgusting" when the "Slide Away" singer refused to bask in the glory of a sunset, choosing instead to upload a pic to Instagram.

Ironically posting her mum's criticism to her Instagram story, Miley wrote, "it's hard to get in trouble once you're an adult but she said I looked like a 'bratty millennial' which I do... but is it bad if I like the pic and wanna post? Is that the worst?"

'Disgusting': Miley Cyrus' Mum Shames Daughter For Her Phone Addiction
Busted. Photo: via Instagram.

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Miley has been in Arizona with her mum Tish and sister Brandi, soaking up the glorious sights of the Antelope Canyon with their dog Beanie.

Despite reports that Miley has recently split from Kaitlynn Carter -- with a source telling 'People' that the "Don't Call Me Angel" singer just isn't looking for a serious relationship following her divorce from Liam Hemsworth -- it looks like Miley is living her best life on the trip.

One caption, in particular, seemed to suggest Miley is all too ready to move on, writing "Goodbyes are never easy... but g2g".

Miley's ex Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce last month citing 'irreconcilable differences', with the pair announcing the split over spocial media. Miley appeared at the MTV VMAs where she performed "Slide Away" -- a clear message that she and Liam had quite literally drifted apart.

Unfortunately for Tish, it looks like Miley's relationship with her phone is still going strong.

Featured image: via Instagram.