'I Never, Ever Take That For Granted': Why Consistency Is Vital To Amanda Keller's Success

On Barry Du Bois' podcast 'Hammer it Home', he caught up with his good mate and 'Living Room' co-host, Amanda Keller.

During their chat, the pair spoke about Amanda's work ethic -- which she said was formed during her time on Simon Townsend's 'Wonder World'.

Working across TV and daily radio, Barry asked Amanda about the difficulties of heading in every day and starting fresh, a 'Groundhog Day' type grind of the world of radio.

"It is a grind," Amanda told him, "an audience expects you to be there every day. That's where the work ethic thing comes in, and consistency."

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"In radio, being consistent is everything," she added, "If someone gets into their car... they turn their radio on and they want to hear you. I never, ever take that for granted which is why, when the alarm goes off at 4 am and you hate the world, you bring your best self to work."

Amanda said that consistency is vital to the success of WSFM's 'Jonesy and Amanda'.

Telling the story of one listener who, after her husband was in an accident and was a quadriplegic, she would drive from Wollongong to the hospital every day. "Suddenly their lives are so, so different," Amanda said.

"She said as soon as she got into range and she heard our voices everything was okay. For that little bit, that little bit of comfort, that little bit of normality.

"We have no idea how people are when they're listening. Could be their hardest day, their best day. We share it with them which is why I take seriously being there every day."

Explaining that humour, intelligence and being relatable are all great skills to have -- it's that consistency that is the key.

"It’s not spoken about much because being consistent is boring, but it’s a huge part of that job. Of turning up in every sense of the word."

You can listen to the full episode of 'Hammer it Home' on acast, iTunes and Spotify.

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