Taylor Swift Pens Love Letter To Aussie Building That Could Soon Be Demolished

A journal entry from pop star Taylor Swift gushing over an iconic Perth building has surfaced.

The letter, written by Swift in 2012, was released last week, as plans to transform the Indiana Tea House at Cottesloe Beach move forward.

The singer, who just won Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards, said it was one of “the most beautiful places I have ever seen.”

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“So here we are in Perth. It’s a beach town on the Indian Ocean and it's beautiful. It’s 25C and sunny and yesterday I went to Cottesloe Beach,” she wrote.

“I’ve never seen water that crystal clear. And white sand.

“After our beach afternoon, we went to this restaurant right on the beach called Indiana.”

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She described the building as an “old fancy hotel” with “old world arches, antique tables and big French doors opening to views of the blue ocean.”

“We sat there for hours drinking strawberry Mojitos and eating calamari.”

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The letter was written by Swift during the Perth leg of her Speak Now tour in March 2012 and was included with a number of other diary entries as part of a deluxe release of her seventh album, Lover.

Image: Reddit (aishbay)

The release of the entry comes as plans for the site remain up in the air.

Last month, Australian businessman Twiggy Forrest’s company Minderoo Group consulted with architects on plans for the site.

Minderoo Group has not yet made a decision whether to retain or demolish the building and is currently engaging with the community on plans for the site.